I have never been to Southern China on personal trips - always business, so my Chinese colleagues would always get my film and get it developed for me (B&W and slide - I never tried IR there). I never knew where though and it was always professionally done - they knew I was an enthusiast.

I have travelled to Northern and Western China - Kashgar, Urumqi (sp?), Beijing, and Harbin, when I was student many years ago. Back then I rolled my own film and brought it with me. I also bought film in Beijing. I can't remember the place though and I had the film developed locally by a photographer artist/teacher. At that time, professional photographers/artists in China printed their own works. I only got him to do contact sheets for me. I remember it to be very inexpensive.

I saw some of his work and they were marvellous. His prints were amazing. If he could speak English, he would be an asset in this community. I wish I remembered his name - I know it's on the contact sheets as he meticulously added his 'signature/chop' to all his prints - even contacts. A true craftsman.