Just to add to this conversation, a few things about this model:

- First off, the battery is only necessary for the meter. That's true of any of the Rollei 35 models, except for the B35, which has a selenium meter and requires no battery.

- When you use the meter with a Rollei 35, try to point it slightly toward the ground or straight ahead. Don't point it upward, as the sky will affect the meter reading.

- In general, I think the models with the Triotar aren't as sturdy as those with this Tessar or Sonnar. They use too much plastic and just lack a solid feel to them.

- Don't force anything on a Rollei 35, particularly the film advance lever. You can damage some of the internal gearing, especially on those with the Triotar.

- The shutter must be tensioned (cocked) before the lens can be collapsed.

- The Triotar is a decent lens. I don't think it's as good as a Tessar, but by f/8 you probably won't notice a difference.

Good luck with the camera. They are a lot of fun to use and certainly very compact and unobtrusive.