Dear All,

The Board of HARMAN technology Limited today approved the 2014 ULF run under the same terms as previous years.

The product offerings will remain the same as 2013 ILFORD Delta Professional Sheet Film, in some sizes / HP5+ and FP4+ Sheet Film in all sizes. HARMAN technology Limited guarantee to make all sheet film sizes even if it for a single pack. Other items such as roll items will appear on the list but certain minimum orders wioll need to be achieved. The full list will be published in March ( but much the the same as the 2013 final list ) then customers can request other sizes. The Finalised list will be published in April, we will then work with our re-seller partners ( who make this all happen ) to obtain orders by the end of June. The production run takes place end of July / early August and the goods are shipped to the re-sellers via our Distributors. For North America this means distribution in September 2014.

We thank all of you who buy, use and value ILFORD Photo products produced on the ULF and Custom manufacture.

Simon. ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited :