My advice is to look for an old copy lens in a usable shutter and pony up for a CLA, or to use the barrel lens with no intent of mounting into a shutter UNLESS you know the cells will screw directly into a modern shutter.

I went through the copy/repro lens process and found I couldn't justify the long range cost if I wanted anything approaching a current lens. The reason is the cost of shutters, mounting, CLA of the lens and shutter, etc.

S. K. Grimes posts cost of remounting shuttered lenses into Copal shutters with iris scale, and retainer, mounted on your board as $300 for a Copal 1 and $475 for a Copal 3. Add $225 for mounting a barrel lens that requires machining (cells don't directly screw into the shutter). CLA of the lens is usually about $80. As you can see, if you find a nice Artar or G-Claron for $100, you'll eventually have $700 - $875 or so for a barrel lens requiring machining, or about $500 - 650 if not (including the $100 lens and CLA). When you weigh this cost against the cost of a good used late model multicoated lens), you just can't do it based only on cost.

Buying a used shutter will save you a little, but good used modern shutters for sale by themselves are not all that common. If you do find one with a flange, used late Copals usually go for $125 - 225, and if the cells screw in directly, you'll add $80 CLA, $45 iris scale, and $25 to bore a board. So you now have about $375 - 475 in your barrel lens. This isn't too bad, but you should be able to do as well by careful shopping for a newer in-shutter lens.