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What I am trying to establish is a working colour process *** done that*** that has a archival aspect that is greater than RA4 , Cibachrome and inkjet. (currently doing two of these and ditched the Ciba 7 years ago)
I am prepared to make tri colour colour carbon process as well , and at this stage of my life I have thousands of colour solarizations that need printing.
Bob, "carbon process" is likely the most archival process, IF the pigments used are non-fugitive, the support is durable, non-yellowing, etc., etc., There are likely polymers other that are more stable than gelatin (even PVA glue can be used for "carbon transfer").

Going the distance to full CMYK separations takes colour to a whole new level, in both effort and results. Not for the faint of heart! Carbro, rather than ordinary carbon is the usual route for "high-end".