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I used Arista Premium 400 at 200 EI once:

Film: Arista Premium 400 (TriX equivalent Freestyle Film); fresh roll cut from 100 ft film.
Camera: Nikon FE
Developer: D76 1:1, 150ml D76, 150 ml water.
Agitation: 30 sec inversion then 5 inversions per half a minute.
Temperature: 20 C.
Developing time: 9.5 minutes.
Result: It was a little dense but shadow detail was well preserved in a sunny day.

If I develop it today I would go to 9 or 8.5 minutes to start my experimentation.

Exposure information: The Nikon FE I used (average metering) under exposes about 1/3 stops compared matrix metering of early film Nikons and Nikon DSLRs in most cases. All my three FEs measure the same. In an average sunny day Nikon FE shows me f/11 and 1/125 sec (50mm lens) when I measure mixed foliage and asphalt covered street with some shadows.
I hope this helps.
Yea, thanks for the advice. I'm going to continue experimenting with tri-x until I get satisfactory results.