Reopening this thread, I might shy away from electronic cameras. I have a little Olympus XA. It functions fine, although the meter needle is sluggish. I've read reports from others who say that the electronics aren't hardy.

I think the Olympus 35 RC is an excellent camera. The Canonet GIII QL17 also is a nice camera, but they do seem to suffer from the sticky aperture and frozen shutter blade issue.

If you can keep spare batteries, the Konica C35 Automatic is a fine little camera, although there is no provision for manual exposure. Same goes for the Rollei XF35, which also has a deserved reputation for having a fine lens attached to a dodgy rangefinder mechanism that seems to want to fall out calibration.

If you go earlier, Petri made a very durable rangefinder - the Petri 35 (Color Corrected), although it's a bit heavy and has no meter.

Konica's earliest rangefinders (I, II and III) are all excellent. The III is a heavy camera.

I really like the folding Zeiss Ikon Contessa, as well as the various Kodak Retinas. But I think that I'm venturing beyond the scope of the original thread.