I'm not sure if this is an acceptable place to post, but I wanted to introduce a new outlet of mine (a blog) call The Photo Fundamentalist (http://www.thephotofundamentalist.com)

I'm a long time film user and shot all but my very last major project on film, have been on apug for years... and will shoot plenty more on film. I won't bore you with details of the blog, but will say that I hope to cover quite a few areas, from reviews to technique to project work. I'll be up front and say its not about film, but then again its not about digital either. I'll be trying to keep it grounded and point everything towards the production of high quality projects and imagery. Inevitably, there will be a documentary and reportage spin and I think some of it will be useful to people here, regardless of their chosen medium.

Its early days and I'm effectively moonlighting, but I hope to keep up a flow of 3-5 new pieces per week, increasing when I'm out of Afghanistan. I aim to build something special, but it will take time....

Feedback is always welcome and I hope its of interest!