Anyone out there with a Chromega F (8x10) head who has conducted tests to see what contrast can be achieved at maximum Magenta (170 units)?

I know I know, it all depends upon paper and developer.

The reason I am asking is that using Ilford VC paper and both, Ilford Mutigrade developer and Formulary's PD-130 (1+1) I was never able to come close to the contrast achieved via an under-the lens Ilford Grade.

Recently, I conducted a test using PD-130 [diluted 1+1] and Oriental paper and wow! the results are pretty close to what I get with the (under the lens) Grade 5 filter. I am wondering whether the filter has faded; I could not believe me eyes.

Details: developed paper in PD-130 (1+1) for 1 minute at 70F.

Has anyone had a similar experience with this Omega head and a paper/developer combo??