I have a question best answerable for those who know best. I want to know if the following complaint is common pertaining to being out in the snow. Here at the NC/SC line there is close to a foot of snow right now, which is atypical. Our snows are usually a lot less.
Anyway, my feet and legs seem very tired--I am tired. And I want to know if it is common when you're out in the snow, doing things like trudging around, carrying firewood, putting weights in the back of a pickup--those sorts of things. Heck, I bet I didn't spend more than 2 hours total today doing these sorts of things. But with big heavy Timberland boots on and having to lift your feet up high for every step, and then having every step slide back,--it just sees you can wear yourself out quick doing that. Or am I just having a "tired day" unrelated to all that trudging in the deep snow? (I'm way out in the country)
Normally I can split a load a pickup load of wood and not be this worn out.