I have one roll, two plastic boxes, one plastic box wrapper, one set of instructions, and one outer box for Minox cameras. Film contained is Plus-X from quite a while back. Film does not look advanced/exposed but I'm no Minox expert. Included some close-up shots of the film box to hopefully help date the film as the Expired By date has faded/been scratched off.

Swap for a roll or two of 120 slide film, or Acros/Tmax 100 in 120. Or, if you have something goofy/unusual, don't be shy.

I'm in 92116, San Diego, CA and Here is the feedback thread. Do a search in that thread for "fixcinater" and "fixcinator" as someone has mis-spelled my name in leaving me feedback. I've done lots of other deals here and have perfect eBay feedback.