all those digital shots are on a 5D mk2 with a 24mm f1.4 LII lens. & 3 stop GND filter

The camera was on a really cheap shitty tripod. I just set it up and held the tripod as firmly as I could with my hands, pushing 'down' into the deck. I was really surprised how sharp they came out especially the ones where I am on the monkey island (top deck) with 50 knots of wind slamming me. I didn't expect them to work. The one of the water rushing over that gate towards the camera I nearly lost the camera. It came at me harder than expected and nearly knocked me and the camera over. It was a bit blurry because in the I lost my footing in the last part of the exposure (it was really rough) but I still liked how it came out. it was too dangerous to stay there much longer