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I'm looking into purchasing a copy lens to use as a telephoto lens on my 4x5 because of the cheaper cost. Does anyone know of a good resource for information on these lenses (specifically in the 240-360mm range)?

I know the lens will be lacking a shutter, so for the time being I'll just cover the lens and shoot for 1 second plus exposures. But when I decide to have a shutter put on it, what's the general range for this time of work?
For anything common just go to


Which is just google groups. And type in the lens you're looking for.

What format are you looking at? If just 4x5 they all will work. The things to look for is how big a mount hole do they need. Does the lens have the flange. Some of the lenses have normal filter rings [Nikon's for example] This is a plus.

IMHO don't buy any of these lenses if you intend to mount them in a normal shutter. The bigger ones will need at least a #3 shutter [Almost $300 new] Plus maybe I think $250 in labour. So for 4x5 and 8x10 I don't think that makes sense. If you feel you can live without a shutter or can live with a packard shutter tthen things are different. I have what feels like a collection of process lenses. The bunch cost me less then one lens in a shutter would have. Most will cover 8x10 with movements when and if I go that far. The lenses work best at F/22 [longer models more then 600mm] need to be stopped down an additonal stop supposedly. If you're doing B&W and adding say even a yellow filter to the lens a hat is all the shutter you need. What is likely the best idea with these things is to find yourself a shutter big enough to have mounted onto a board and then mount the lenses on to an adapter board. This way you have one shutter for many lenses. It also saves you the labour of getting the lens mounted to the shutter.

Also I doubt any of these are telephoto designs. Now the way you mount them to the board they do need a little less bellows but they aren't telephoto.

If you do go this route don't go overboard on price. I see people bidding amounts that could get a similar brand new.