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I know. Itīs a mess. Iīve been posting several times and try again now.

Before Agfa closed there were developers around manufactured by a former ORWO company called R09.
They could be called Rodinal because once Rodinal was made and sold acording to this recipe.
However this was more than 50 years ago. So they were actually "50 year old Rodinal".
We still sell such a formular under the APH09 brand but we will stop now.
After Agfa closed the chemical company was spun off and became independant. This company made for one year the so called A&O Rodinal.
Until then the Rodinal name was in use. Then the company was sold off again and with it the trademark. The new ownders decided not to manufacture end user b&w products anymore but they offered their products in bulk.
At that time we came out with ADONAL and another company decided to call a by then identical product R09 one shot.
I personally find the name chosen a bit confusing because it was not R09, rather it was "real" Rodinal.
But that was their decision.
Another year later this former Agfa chemical company was sold again (!) and stoped entirely the manufacturing of Rodinal (and all other former Agfa b&w chemistry).
We had anticipated this to come and had started throughout the year before to employ former Agfa personel and set up a research lab.
The Agfa people "happened to know the recipes from their memory" (this is about the only way I can legally word this) and recreated them for us in our lab.
Since then we produce Rodinal, Neutol, Sistan and others acording to "known" recipes.
The other company wanted to continue business as well and carried a bottle of Rodinal to a large German manufacturer of photo chemistry asking for a "rebrew".
The manufacturer acted as instructed.

Now the outcome is that our product is "genuine Rodinal" like it was produced by Agfa in the end and it is different from all others but I am not saying that the others are in any way bad nor that the differences are huge.

OK got it. So in the meantime, while I wait for this to get to the USA, I can use your guys' Adonal, which is Rodinal, but couldn't legally call it that. Also, another manufacturer makes R09 One Shot, which is also the same thing. APH09 and other "Rodinal-like" developers are actually NOT. Correct?

Thanks for the help!