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So now I have to drink 3 bottles of ADOX APH 09 because I told Stone if it wasn't Rodinal I will drink it. That was 2 days ago. Today I opened the first bottle, I am still waiting for the film to dry.

Do I drink it?

Pour it down the drain?

Mail it back to Germany?

I'm actually pretty upset. I am stuck with ADOX APH 09 garbage now. I was trying to buy Rodinal all along. My last bottles of whatever I had which were labeled Rodinal and worked great to the last drop yesterday!

What a mess!
Don't worry Randy. I'm sure all 3 grains in your negative will be just as big with either formula. Or you can use it for its best purpose--rat poison. But best regards Adox. I'm glad you're still out there, profitable and strong.