I don't think it is just Kodak, I bought 400 foot of Kodak cine (5222) in Nov'13 for nearly the same price as 100 foot of Kodak bulk(Tri-x), including delivery to front door after a day or two for cine, over shop counter for bulk.

The retail trade may judge the risks in stock holding high, it has a sell by date, the reseller may be stuck with the bulk...

The cine is probably from stock at Kodak distribution the reseller sends truck to pick it up, and has debit card cash in hand, pays Kodak a month later. I get 300 foot of film for free.

Of course it is not really for free the bulk reseller will order less next time, he needs turnover. And my fridges have no food in them, must have 3000 foot of film in chill. Kodak make less film.

I buy lots of film retail from the same reseller, when I pass his shop, Forma and expired when he has either (or both), frequently he sells out of Forma 400, or has no expired, but I always carry lots of film anyway.

I may be his best customer, I use a lotta film, I shoot like it was digital.