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Because this is meant for Cine folks, and cinematographers use 400 and 1,000 foot rolls interchangeably, they don't buy anymore because it's at a discount, they buy more because they can shoot for a longer period of time without having to reload, in addition the only reason the 400 really exists is in order to get into tight spaces when the cameraman can't fit the larger reels at the back of the camera, so it doesn't give any kind of reason for giving a discount for the thousand foot rolls it doesn't make sense in that world.
Well sure, just saying no need for us still photographers to bother with the 1000' roll. A while back I sent them a suggestion at their email address for such things: make 100' camera spools available too! It would help student filmmakers, Eyemo users, etc... AND they'd sell a whole pile of them to still photographers who don't currently know how to cope with the hassles of a 400' roll. I even pointed out that Orwo NA was doing this. Apparently that fell on deaf ears.