Kodak's Motion Picture Division has the advantage of being the only game in town, unfortunately. They should be careful though and try not to price themselves completly out of the market. If you have to buy a 100 or more 1000ft reels a price increase even of only one or 10 or 20 $ can be painful especially for those few indie production that haven't moved to digital yet.

Some cameras only accept 400ft loads and smaller the Aaton Penelope and 35-III come to mind

Frobozz. Kodak serves the pro market Orwo the amateur market it would probably be more expensive or more hassle for them to produce 100ft spools than it's worth. AFAIK 100ft Spools can be ordered as special order but there is a minimum order. Regarding the Still photographers using MP-Films the amount they use is probably less than a single movie production uses.

That being said I'd rather they moderately increase their prices than that the end their production of film.