The Bollywood movies I've seen have all been in colour. The Bollywood shoot I've watched did not seem to be on a tight budget, hybrid Arri, case full of prime optics, 3x camera people, equity extras.

All stone says is true but in addition if you have a long take or several long takes e.g. 3x 400 foot reels may leave you with multiple (3x) short ends, whereas a 1000 you might only have one short end.

So they could sell the 1000 foots at a premium.

Orwo will sell you 400 and 1000 foot with cine cam sprockets in 100 or 400 ISO so 5222 is not the only game in town. If you need depth of field the 400 is an advantage you can always close the sector shutter if you want blur.

Their film prices in UK are similar to Kodaks...

The hybrid Arri allows confirmation of a good take by the director of the real time digital output, so a rush is not as essential, and the director can rehearse takes, from the cameras perspective. The above team got the 1st run through with film in the can every time. Their lighting was horribly difficult contrasty, I was in trouble with HP5+.