I threw out most of my CRT based video gear last year during a clean-up but luckily I'm a pack-rat and kept a couple of my small NTSC TV's just in case. Yes, rear curtain is the second/closing, front curtain is the first/opening. That nomenclature was from Nikon manuals regarding flash sync, I'm sure others use the same reference. I never knew if "rear" was referencing physical position when looking down on the body or just the fact that it was triggered last in the sequence, bringing up the rear... :-)

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That post is dated 2006 and is just about certainly based on the frame and scan rates of the no-longer-in-use-for-broadcast NTSC 3.58 system. Unless you used an old TV (CRT not flatscreen) with an NTSC signal, the results won't be accurate for estimating shutter speeds. The new system may still show valid info for relative speeds of the curtains though. Leitz used a similar method before TV - http://www.skgrimes.com/library/old-...shutter-tester

By "rear curtain" do you mean the first/opening or second/closing curtain? They are not always in the same relative fore-and-aft positions on all cameras.
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