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I have a request: Write on the bottle that Stand development is NOT recommended and that it shall not be spread around as a valid and official development (sloppy) technique.
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If I see one more Rodinal stand development thread on the internet, I'm gonna barf.
My most recent APUG Blind Print Exchange submission (BPX18) was an 8x10 contact print from a fully stand developed sheet of FP4+ film. The reciprocity-corrected base exposure was 420 seconds (7 minutes). It was processed using Adonal/Rodinal at 1+100 for 60 minutes without any further agitation beyond an initial 60 seconds.

I sat in the dark for an hour patiently waiting. Next time I'm getting one of those watertight paper safes.

Both the recipient and I were thrilled with the resulting photograph. Given the subject matter, the negative could not have been successfully processed in any other way.

Here is that photograph: Ashen Lady.

Now you are telling me it's no good and must be trashed because of the way it was developed?