I'm just glad I don't have to keep repeating that Adonal is the only true last formula of Rodinal...

No one ever believes me and I can never find the old threads where Mirko mentions it...


Randy, send me the "old" APH09 I would love to do comparison tests.

Also, Mirko, I agree with the other poster, can we get a special run of glass bottles with the Rodinal label?? OR even just a special run of water resistant labels to put on our own glass bottles?

My step father is a packaging salesman, he can produce custom labels and ship them to freestyle to be included as a special edition or something like that? If using glass bottles with chemical in them is too much of a hassle, at least let us label our own?

Once again FINALY I don't have to defend my statements!!

Anyway also 1:100 stand does work, it's just not ideal for everything.

Thanks Mirko!!!


PS PM me if you really would like a quote on labels.