I have exactly the same lens mounted in a Compur shutter but in my case there was an aperture scale. I asked the same question on a LF forum and had it confirmed that it was a B&J remount. However as it cost me less than $200 I did not feel that I had been swindled in any way. As to its performance my own experience is that it covers 5x4 with enough coverage for the modest tilts I use for landscape photography. It does exhibit some focus shift at around f22 but when correctly focussed is sharp. It is not as contrasty as my 125 Fujinon or 90mm Super Angulon but that is not surprising as it is single coated. It is, however very light and compact and also has a sufficiently different "look" for the right subject. I use it with Foma film on bright days as it helps tame that film's inherent high contrast.

Given that these B&J remounts were of variable quality I consider myself lucky that I got a good one, especially at the price I paid for it. I hope your example proves as good.