Thanks so much for all the advice. My confidence in the generosity of APUGGERS is high. John Powers: Thanks for your references to different people's work. I do try to buy most B & W magazines that are published and I have a copy of the Lenswork issue you mentioned. Great magazine! I also buy Black & White Photography that's from England that APUGGER Ailsa McWhinnie edits. Another great B & W photo magazine. Sometimes when I have some spare money[it usually goes to film & paper]I'll buy a B&W photo book. This trip is a total gift from a photographer/teacher who buys my work. I'm sure I'll be looking at some great work before I go to get an idea of what to expect. I do love seeing really good work. I appreciate and admire the effort that goes into making amazing B&W images. I'm just heading out to go print 60 -small B&W prints for art cards for a show I'm participating in. [ 3 different images 20 of each] Thanks again, everyone!