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The problem is that several film producers have not adapted their products and businesses to the new realities where film is a niche and digital the main medium. They also seem to lack commitment. For instance Fuji cancelled one of the best films ever, Neopan 400 120, because they wouldn't make the investment to comply with new environmental rules.

Film would be profitable, if the producers went about it in the right way. The world would be a sadder place if we lost film to inept business practices.
The economics, or the way those get in between, has been discussed quite a lot. Afterall it's just about the only problem there is.
And PE pointed it out, give him a small team, a small facility; and film would be churning out... But then there are the costs of setting it all up, and perhaps lack of economies of scale.

Kodak has got a huge production facility (B38), Alaris has the smaller Harrow which could (and did) coat film. However, while EK is in the game I don't think they will have the need to make film in the UK.
Curiously Fuji abandoned the MP market which has the potential for most volume. For sure they have a smaller facility than EK's.

Ilford is very well adapted to B&W, and then there is Ferrania who have adapted the research area of their facility for producing the film (Mirko or other German source said that).
Inoviscoat has a small facility (could be seen as an Agfa descendant) and they coat some material for Impossible, work with ADOX, and it's possible that Lomochrome Purple was coated there. But they don't have interest in produce film by themselves.
Mirko mentioned a base budget for color film with this company around, IIRC 4-5 million . But I forgot what id did include.

Perhaps a future in film is working with smaller companies who provide the coating service.