Good morning;

This week I found a Minolta camera I did not know existed. Yes, it came home with me. This one is the Minolta X-9; a plastic body with a microprocessor Aperture Priority shutter speed control system for the cloth focal plane shutter that runs from 1/1000 second out to 4 seconds, along with a fully manual mode with a "B" setting. It takes the Minolta ROKKOR manually focusing lenses in the Minolta SR-MC mount, but it does know about the SR-MD mount variant; the manual says do not lock the MD lens at the minimum aperture. You need to select the lens aperture setting yourself for the aperture priority system. I knew about the Minolta Maxxum 9 or Dynax 9 or Alpha 9; I have one of those. Somehow I just missed this simpler lighter weight model.

Yes, it is a plastic body, and it does feel like one. However, I am impressed with how well this little camera works.