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Thank you Bill for your input. I can see now how I have been making more something out of nothing for the most part. I suppose though it would serve me well to wind off a roll from my bulk loader and do a little bit of gray card testing. I've been in photography since Methuselah finally kicked the bucket, but only here in the past couple years I've decided to set myself a pretty strict accuracy standard. !/4 stop would be nice, but 1/3 stop is a reasonable standard I hope you'd agree. Anything more just means more test stripping and foolishness in the darkroom.
I agree 1/3 stop is a good goal. I personally adopted 2/3 stop for my goal. Just seems to me that a mistake in any assumption would lead to 1/3 stop "error" - so the best I hope for is that a couple of 1/3 stop errors cancel each other out... leaving me within 2/3 stop of what the exposure should be (if I make four errors).