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They have made positive and negative film in the past using the both the Agfa and Kodachrome coupler style.
But while the cheap Fuji is in most shops here there would be no market to justify the investment in E6 or C41.
It is like 220 they used to do two film types in 220 but stopped.
If Fuji keeps going for a long while, much better.
Also, it is the technological / R&D gap that will be lost when a smaller company has to produce the film, if they don't get the original formulas. Fuji and Kodak dropped a huge amount on resources on R&D for the film, other companies didn't. Doesn't mean they had bad film, but that it wouldn't be as technically perfect as Kodak or Fuji's. Another reason to not enter the colour market.
I can't, for the life of me, remember how this technological regression effect was named.

As of 220, Simon stated that it wasn't feasible; Aside of the expense of fixing their machine, the backing for the film had a huge MOQ and it wouldn't payoff for 3 decades!
And on a Ilford factory tour report (was linked on a thread here) it was mentioned that they tried to seek a partner, without success. (Kodak and Fuji have 220 finishing lines, but no mention of who were those)

As of this thread being revived... Still film increases weren't made last year?
The "crosstalk" between EK and KA...