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Yeah, your Rodagon sounds fine to me! Unless you're pushing past 11x14, I wouldn't worry about any of those lenses, but would not use that Componar.

I'm sure there's sample variation in the 50mm Nikkor's, too. If you can't see anything in prints, it's probably not a loose element f/11 is perfectly reasonable for printing, too. I don't know why people hate on its quality, mine is better than an old Componon I tried.
Unfortunately, I don't print large I don't have large enough trays and the paper is a bit expensive. For now, I print mostly at 8x10 (20x25 cm).

So we agree. The Nikkors and the Rodagon are fine but the Componar isn't that good.

I can't say the 50/4 is bad, it was my first enlarging lens and gave me beautiful pictures. But from a comparison I can see a difference with the 50/2.8 to be sharper to me. I haven't printed with the 50/2.8 yet, it is quite new I am sure that a difference in prints won't be visible.