As I've mentioned before, I have a couple SIX bodies and an assortment of lenses and accessories. As we're getting closer to another Spring, I'm thinking about dusting 'em off and loading them up for some outings.
Current issues:
-The light seals are rotten, but fortunately, most of the sealing on these cameras appear to be mechanical, with the only soft seals being around the top and bottom of the door opening. That'll be super easy with some stock material and the usual cleaning techniques.

-The little folding bail on the back release is missing on both bodies. One has been replaced by a piece of bent wire, the other one just isn't there. I don't know how hard these are going to be to find. I've considered spending some time with a couple key rings and needle-nosed pliers for a workable, though not really attractive, option.

-Not body related: I have a WLF and a prism finder. There's obvious fungus in the prism finder (none that I can see in the lenses. I've removed the prism finder from the kit and keep it separately now). I'm not even sure I like using it anyway, and since it's a square format camera, I think I'd be just as happy to leave it aside and use the WLF. However, if it's easy to disassemble and fix, I suppose it'd be worth doing.

I'd love helpful advice from anyone who's dealt with these, and depending on how problematic they can get, it might well be worth sending them to Mr. Yerkes, but if I can get them back into good shape by myself, I'd like to do it.
What I'm not interested in seeing, in this thread, are the all too common "Buy a 'better' (better usually meaning 'something I own') camera!" I have an ETRS, and will be playing with it, too. I do want to whip these Kowas into shape and get some useful life out of 'em.