I've been reading this with more than the usual interest.

Offhand, I think that the lawyres representing the photographer would have more than a passing interest in the search warrant - those are not usually issued withut "Probable Cause" - and I wonder what was "probable" here.

An "Invasion of Privacy" - as stated, that would seem to indicate a breach of CIVIL law ... not "criminal" ... and it is one thing to photograph someone without their permission or knowledge ... but unless there is some attempt to make these public, I don't think the idea of "invasion" would hold.

There is the usual yellow rag syndrome here ... there is not enough information supplied to form any kind of coherent opinion. I can't, for the life of me, imagine any judge issuing a search warrant for simply having nude photographs of someone - anyone - at least if they are over legal age. There has got to be more to the story.

Hmmm ... a thought. Has Ms. Diaz's popularity been waning lately - and might there be some incentive to GET HER NAME in front of the public...? You think ... maybe...???