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I am interested to know what film do you guys use for pinhole? I am a fairly new pinhole photographer and have been using Fuji Acros 100 with my Zero Image 6x6.
While Fuji Acros is exceptional in reciprocity , the sharpness and contrast of the negative is less.
Just want to know what films do you use and prefer for pinhole photography? I plan to print the same in 12" x 12" in teh future and hence would like to know the choices I have to use a film that is sharp enough and not much contrasty to work with.


ACROS 100 is an excellent choice. I shoot this in the 6x6 format (ZeroImage multiformat pinhole), or Provia 100F when colour is called for (rarely). All images are multi-spot metered. I do not use these films for sharpness, but for convenience. They both do the job excellently.

I'm not too fussed about getting a perfect image at any size from a pinhole camera; you are essentially experimenting with the earliest form of photography and shouldn't be expecting super-duper razor sharp, detail-rich exposures. If that's what you want, a Hasselblad is calling.