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Saturdays never work for me unfortunately. During the daytime at least. Always shooting in the studio then. On an aside note, why the DCC? Not that I'm against it. Looking at joining recently but there don't seem to be any film shooters that I've spoken to there yet.

Any of you lot regularly attend?
If you ever tried to hold a meeting of 10 to 15 people in comfort you would soon discover there are very few venues to be had in Dublin. When our group was smaller we met in hotel lobbies but it was not great with the amount of people going in and out. When we approached DCC for the use of the room we found our meetings became more satisfying as we had the room to ourselves and everyone had a chance to show their work on the wall using the shelves. We also have the room for free which is a major plus.

As regards the club itself I think there are only two of us members and I don't attend meetings anymore. I think you will find that most clubs nowadays consist of digital workers with only one or two film workers left in their ranks.