Thanks for the advice Monophoto. The problem where I live is I just don't have access to supplies. I rang the main photo places in our Capital City and couldn't get any brand. One place used to carry some from Kodak, but they had to order such a large amount that they gave up buying it. Way to go Kodak! I will give it a go with the iron on a prac. print (I have plenty of those).

Sorry Nige I didn't explain myself fully. Bienfang is not on the Vanbar website as they've just started getting it in. I don't know one from the other so it's pot luck whether it's any good. I also ordered some Tetenal ArtMus Mat paper which I know nothing about.

Peter and Ron I think perhaps you are both right about the Bienfang really being Seal MT5. On checking my product list Bienfang sells for $25.30 which is exactly the price that Seal Mt5 used to be. So I guess that's what I'm really getting. I guess they didn't put the price up because it was already dear here.