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I would like to comment on making a thread of images.

There's a place for images like this, and it's in the gallery for subscribers.

It's ok to post images for examples if you have a problem or question, but image threads aren't really ok here, it puts a strain on the servers, which is why they have a subscribership for posting images to the gallery.

By helping to support APUG through subscribership, you help ensure the servers can be paid for and the wealth of knowledge here doesn't get lost, and costs less than a half a tank of gas for a year subscription! haha
Thanks, Stone, for the reminder of the subscription. However, the three images I linked were done so without uploading them to APUG's server, they are simply cross-linked from my Flickr account. There's an option to do this by unchecking the box when posting the image, or you can just write the blogger code yourself (using the [ I M G ] code). Either way, APUG's server doesn't get filled with these images.

As for not filling up threads with non-subscriber images, perhaps we should simply delete the entire "Image Sharing" section of the forum, just to alleviate any confusion?