Thanks Jorge.
Do you have the URL for photo techniques (Vermark International)?
I hadn't though about the fact that the higher voltage might result in a higher temperature.

As far as the Bergger paper is concerned, I was mistaken. I was not given a sample of the contact paper, but rather a package of VC paper and 2 packs of graded paper, numbers 2 and 3.

This much I can say about the Bergger paper. I was not impressed enough to make the change from my "standard" baryt paper, which is Kodak Polycontrast Fine Art, and now that I'm getting into Azo for my contact prints, which are about 85% of my work anyways, the kodak paper will be seeing less and less use in my darkroom. But as I always say, choosing a B/W paper is like choosing a mate....there is a right one out there for everyone.

Thanks Jorge!

Hey, how about hooking up an American tacking iron to a soldering iron voltage regulator??? That would still be a lot cheaper than springing for a european (220V) one.