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EDIT: These days I shoot as much film as possible and I'd like to continue that if at all possible. However, I see two potential obstacles. First off is the security there. Israel must be THE most security intense place to visit and I am totally unsure how many times my film would be scanned. Plus, they might use more powerful scanners. I dont know. Part of this could be mitigated if I could buy a supply of film, but in this day and age, finding film at a destination is not guaranteed. If I could get film in Israel, then a few scans from the journey to that location could be mitigated.
There are several Pro photo stores in Jerusalem, all are in the city center. Look for Photo Prisma on King George St., where they carry pretty much whatever film is currently available in most other places around the world. You can probably call ahead and find out if you are looking for anything specific.

The only place where you need to go through a scanner in the old city (of which only a half is actually in israel), is at the wailing wall, and only if you go in through the entrance at the muslim or jewish quarters (the main entrance does not have a scanner). This is a "hand bag" strength scanner, and you should be fine passing most film through it, though in most cases with some patience, you can have it hand inspected, just don't be in a rush.

Some bags used to be randomly scanned with a similar scanner at the Jerusalem central bus station, but that might have been stopped by now.

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Second, a lot of the churches are VERY dark. Last year I went to Paris and shot digitally (sorry). I had ISO3200 and f/2 available to me and STILL that was not enough at times. My film gear is f/4.5 so I just dont have the light gathering ability to shoot with. I would probably bring my small X100 for those times.

Has anyone ever visited the Old City of Jerusalem and shot film? Please share experiences! I am not 100% sure if that is where I will go, but I need to decide soon!!

The church of the holy sepulchre has lots of light during the day, and you can easily shoot less then 3200 film there hand held, same goes for the dormizion church.
The coptic church is dark, and harder to shoot at because it is also smaller.
see some work on film shot there (and other places) http://www.galitibbon.com/

The dome of the rock mosque is brilliantly lit, and is one of the most exciting places to shoot, it is closed to Israelis (and jews, but you do not have let anyone know if you are), and if you have a chance you should most definitely go. Its all withing walking distance, so is the wailing wall.

Buying film in the old city is possible, but it will be mighty expensive if you can find any.
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