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Thanks, Stone, for the reminder of the subscription. However, the three images I linked were done so without uploading them to APUG's server, they are simply cross-linked from my Flickr account. There's an option to do this by unchecking the box when posting the image, or you can just write the blogger code yourself (using the [ I M G ] code). Either way, APUG's server doesn't get filled with these images.

As for not filling up threads with non-subscriber images, perhaps we should simply delete the entire "Image Sharing" section of the forum, just to alleviate any confusion?

I'm sorry, on my phone app the links just show up as images, I hadn't even realized they were links.

As far as image sharing, I'm not a moderator so please only take my words as advice of not to tax the servers too much.

I just know when I came here 2 years ago I was asked to subscribe if I wanted to post images of my work, so eventually I did when I realized just how much I was learning, cheapest education I've ever had.

Carry on