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After the snow today this is sounding like a dream! Hopefully everyone is getting through this winter unscathed. I'll officially be living in the Vandergrift / Leechburg area in March so it will be a longer drive but Lynn and I will certainly try to make it anyway.
Congratulations on the new digs. Hope you both will make it here.

Weather.com says we got 4.4 inches overnight and can expect another 1" today. We have 12-18 inches on the ground. The girls have a blast in it, Cindy especially. She dives in like a submarine and comes up about ten feet further on with a very happy look about her.

I read that 88% of the Great Lakes are frozen and that Lake Erie is almost completely so. This is a 20 year high. Ship traffic in the Flats has stopped. I have read it will mean higher water levels in the summer. I am trying to sort out how this be a factor in our lives. Our boat is tied to a fixed dock in Huron, so it will be easier for old folks to get in and out. The last two years they have had to dredge the river by the marina, so no more sucking up mud into the cooling system. I am not sure what it will mean for construction in the Flats. It certainly will affect the shore birds that Lee L and Sue G love.

Looking forward to seeing you both and your work.