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PE cored would be polyethylene--not Mylar which is polyester.
"Mylar" is a trade name for Dacron, as "Lexan" is a trade name for Polycarbonate. Dacron is tough stuff - exteremely resistant to stretching - it is used extensively in racing sails. I've tried to cut it .. difficult, to say the least - and tearing it is, as far as I can tell, impossible.

Polycarbonate is interesting stuff - I nearly destroyed a heavy wooden bench demonstrating that rheological flow lines were *NOT* cracks - yet, if it comes in contact with chlorinated solvents it will disintergrate. Be careful with any solvents used for cleaning equipment with "lexan" windows.

It is true ... the bases of many films are actetate.... Konica IR 750 is described as "Triacetate" ... and Kodak is a great user or "Estar" - whatever that is. Acetate is used a lot in molded camera lenses, mirrors, and cheap ball point pen barrels.

Ilfocolor "De Luxe" - IL RA .1K has a "Super White Glossy Polyester" base.