Recently, I've begun upgrading some of my equipment and as a result I have been dealing with the big 3 on-line camera stores; Calumet, Adorama and B&H. I've found Calumet to be the best that I've dealt with, Adorama keeps lising items in stock, only to be told after you order that the item is not in stock, B&H is fine, except for a minor shipping hassle (like a lot of people these days, I only have a cell phone - they wouldn't ship my order until I could fax them a copy of a utility bill to prove I live where I do, and they won't ship to my billing address). I've considered ordering from Robert White in the UK, but I am concerned with custom duties on purchases; they do have some items I want and can't find anywhere else.

For film purchases I generally use Calumet and J&C for the occasional B&W - I pretty well only shoot Velvia.

My question, is are there any other stores I should look at in the future other than these three?

Not sure where to put this.