I'm using this formula:-
Solution A
- Gelatin from the grocery store 10g
- Potassium Bromide 8g
- Distilled Water 62.5ml
Add the gelatin to the water and allow to swell. Put the container (preferably
stainless steel, like a 2-reel still film developing tank) into a water bath and raise the
temperature to 50C. Add the potassium bromide and stir or swirll continuously
until both ingredients are dissolved.

Solution B
- Silver Nitrate 10g
- Distilled Water 62.5ml
Dissolve the silver nitrate in the water by stirring or swirling, again, in a stainless steel
container (a processing can for 35mm still film is ideal), and raise it's temperature to 40C
in a water bath.

Is that problem if I use different temperature and maybe more 50C for Solution A and less temperature for Solution B?