Thanks for all the good advice. The Nikor option looks interesting but not cheap.
So my options are to get the Jobo tank and reel locally for $170 or to get either the Yankee tank ($38) or the Patterson Mod54 set ($87) from B&H. Shipping to Japan will run over $40 so I guess the cheap option is to wait until May when my wife will be making a short trip to the U.S. and have her bring it back in her suitcase.

So if I'm going to decide between the Yankee and the Patterson Mod54 this is what I've gathered so far.

Yankee construction quality is probably inferior to Patterson.
Loading takes practice (probably for either one).
I like the idea that the film is more or less straight in the Yankee tank. In the Mod54 reel it looks like it's partially wrapped around the reel. How hard is that to load in a changing bag?

I think agitation on the Yankee is accomplished with just side to side movement. Is the Patterson tank OK for complete inversion?

What are the most compelling reasons to choose the Yankee?
What are the most compelling reasons to spend more on the Patterson/Mod54?

All opinions and information greatly appreciated!