I've been looking around a bit for a tripod that is easy to take with me on trips, hiking and also for "field use" (I don't have a car, so I use public transport to move around). I currently have a Manfrotto 055BC with a 029 head, but I find that it is a little too heavy to be lugging around all day. Light weight (preferably under 2KG) and portability (folding upp to small size) is important.

I currently shoot mostly with a Hasselblad 500CM, but I'm also doing 4x5 with a Speed Graphic, so ideally I'd want the tripod to be able to support these cameras. I am however planning to exchange the Speed Graphic for a Shen Hao PTB later on (and get myself a monorail for studio use), which is considerably lighter, so full stability with a Speed Graphic isn't a must.

I'd prefer something that's around 100-200, I'd get a Gitzo if I could afford it but unfortunately that's not the case. I had my eyes on the Benro Travel Angel series, but an article I read cast some doubt on their stability.