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While this is the "darkroom" area, I don't have one... but I develop lots of 120 film with daylight tanks and a changing bag, and I would like to try the same with 4x5 film. I've hunted around a bit on the internet, read reviews and looked in local stores. Here in Tokyo at Yodobashi (our version of B&H) the only thing they carry is a Jobo tank. The tank and reel combined will cost about $170. I know the Yankee option at B&H is a lot cheaper but the reviews are scary too. The Patterson option with the mod54 insert looks good. The problem is shipping to Japan will cost another $40 or more. Amazon Japan doesn't have much... and the Yankee tank they do have is priced over $200!

So anyway, what are your suggestions or recommendations? I will only be doing B&W film for the time being.
This what I use and how I use it...