Well Ed as I am sure you know Lipmann type emulsions are capable, according to John B. Williams, in his book Image Clarity, of resolutions up to 2000lpm. I do not think Lipmann emulsions are particularly useful for general photography and a lens aperture of .7 to 1.0 that is diffraction limited would be required to accomplish this and is best afforded by someone such as the NSA with support from Claire and Ed.

But what do I care? My equipment is what it is and as I said to begin with has satisfied my expectations completely.

Also important is the quality of the camera. I have found my device to be satasfactory. Most photographers are only going to be able to judge the optic's quality besed upon looking at negatives, slides and prints. I have many things I wish to purchase and an optical bench or the ability to do MTF is not even on the list.

In judging a lens that will be used with regularity just as important as the optical quality is the mechanical durability of the device.

There again the quality has been satisfactory.

I bet both of us have better things to do than to engage in "Zeiss is good...Zeiss is not so good."

Do you doubt that Zeiss lenses are capable of producing first class results?

I do not doubt that other brands are capable of doing so.