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This is a print out sheet for recording of exposures and large format cameras
Just print out and use a 3 ring binder

Thanks Dave

I do something similar - I use the attached file and print on card stock, then cut into 3, 3x5 cards.

I record the information for the exposure, and the layout helps to walk through calculation of the proper exposure taking into account bellows factor, filter etc.

I expose both sides of the film holder the same way, and then slip the 3x5 card into the lip of the film holder - this is my note that the holder contains exposed film rather than being empty.

I develop one of the sheets of film and inspect it, depending on what it looks like, I develop the second exposure either the same, or differently from the first.

I then put the two negatives, the card, and a contact print in a 4x printfile negative holder.

When/If I print the image, I make notes about how to print it on the back of the card.