I have an Induro aluminium tripod, I want to say it's the 013 model (compact, lightweight, 3-section legs). It is perfectly stable for my Rolleiflex. I have never tried putting my RB67 on it, so I can't say if it would be good for the weight of that beast or not. I wouldn't try using a 4x5 of any flavor with it - they're just too big even if they're light. On the upside, it is very inexpensive - $100 USD (which is what, 60-70 GBP)? I would take it over the Travel Angel as the leg sections seem more rigid to me. I have flown with it several times now, taking it to the wilds of Michigan, the streets of New York, and across France (Paris and Chalon-sur-Saone), as well as frequent use in bad weather (snow, rain, wind and cold) here in Washington DC.