Gents, the Graflok back was introduced in 1949 with the Century Graphic, which has an integral Graflok. Century Graphic introduction date from the Bible, 10th edition. The non-book of serial numbers reports that the first block of Century Graphic serial numbers was assigned 8/1/1949. The Ektalite fresnel was also introduced with the Century Graphic, but in the beginning it was an option.

Graflok backs to be retrofitted on older Graphics were introduced then too. I've seen a Miniature Speed Graphic with a Graflok back that had a flash terminal at the upper left hand corner (as viewed from behind the camera), the correct place for a Mini.

Ian Grant wrote:
There's a lot of disinformation about Graflex cameras.
Misinformation, not disinformation as disinformation is usually understood, and he put some out himself.