I know this has been brought up here a couple of times before, but I'm having a different issue than the other threads address I think. Here's my set up:

1. A focomat 1c (obviously).

2. Using what I think is the original 50mm 4.5 focotar.

2. And what I think is the original Leitz easel.

So, I set the enlarger up at 10x magnification as instructed in the manual and focus using a magnifier. Then, I set the enlarger at 2.5 magnification, loosen the two screws that secure the cam, and then focus using the knurled screw that adjusts cam position. The only thing is, I've screwed that adjustment screw all the way in and I still can't quite get the image in sharp focus. I'm out of adjusting room.

Any idea of what I could be doing wrong?

Thanks so much in advance,